White Onion Powder: Uses And Advantages

What exactly is Powdered White Onion?

Dehydration is used to create a nutty, sweet, and aromatic dried white onion powder from white onion bulbs that have been collected when their flavour is at its best. Since it has a very similar aroma and flavour of the genuine vegetable, this powder is a perfect substitute for fresh white onions. Due to its ability to absorb and retain the nutrients of white onions, this powder also serves as a nutritious flavour enhancer in numerous meals. The powder is easier to handle, transport, and store than fresh white onions.

Manufacturing process of White Onion powder

VLC Spices, the well-known white onion powder manufacturer from India, purchases raw, fresh bulbs of white onion. They are first cleaned to remove any pollutants, dirt, or foreign objects. The rotten or damaged onions will be separated from the others during this process.

Before the veggies are processed, all metal and coloured particles are removed using our metal and colour sorting equipment. The white onions will therefore be peeled and sliced after being rinsed. They are then cut up and ready for dehydration. The white onions are diced, then placed in a dehydrator to entirely lose their moisture.

White onion flakes are produced after evaporation and can either be readily converted into white onion powder or pulverised into various shapes to meet the client's requirements. Before grinding and storing the white onion, we make sure it is completely dried because any residual moisture or water content could cause mould.

Each dehydrated product is produced entirely from scratch by VLC Spices, one of the leading custom spice blend manufacturers, ensuring that no preservatives or additives are used.

Flavour of white onion powder
The white onion bulbs give off a characteristic, sweet flavour and roasted colour when they are gently dried and ground into a powder.

Uses of dehydrated white onion powder