Top 5 common behaviour problems in Cat

Top 5 common behaviour problems in Cat
Hey, everyone! What‘s up with you all today? As cat parents, we all know that our agile fur babies can be odd. I was all sniffy about our babies’ behaviour. Whether your cat sometimes drives you up the wall

Below are the top 5 common behaviour problems in Cat:-
1. Scratching-Proper socialisation and play are essential when averting aggressive behaviours like scratching and biting.
2. Aggression-A cat may get aggressive for various reasons, including illness, overcrowding, lack of socialisation, motherly protection, and simple play.
3. Hiding and hissing-However, you should get him to the vet, as it’s possible that pain or illness are causing his signs if this is va change in behaviour for your cat.
4. Cat is spraying urine-Spraying urine is one of the worst cat behaviour issues a pet possessor can have.
5. Cat with OCD-Yep, cats can suffer from obsessive diseases too! Any behaviour constantly repeated and out of the environment could be considered OCD, but common OCD behaviours in cats include excessive grooming and fabric-chewing