APPROXIMATELY 82 PERCENT of American travelers see sustainable travel as important, with nearly half, 48 percent, viewing it as secondary to trip planning,
according to a recent survey by However, roughly 32 percent expressed fatigue towards discussions on climate change.

The survey conducted among 31,000 people across 34 countries and territories highlighted the need for collective action to maintain momentum toward a more
sustainable travel industry, said.

“While many travelers have retained a sense of optimism and a desire to have a more positive impact, there is a critical opportunity for the industry to
accelerate efforts to make those choices easier for everyone,” said Danielle D’Silva,’s head of sustainability. “It’s important that we continue
ensuring that more sustainable options are not only readily available, but also easy to trust and understand. That’s where we believe further education, clear
and consistent standards and credible third-party certification of legitimate sustainable practices across the travel experience can really help. While the
signals of consumer frustration should be a concern, it’s also a reminder to maintain our focus on the impactful work we know can make a difference not only
for travelers, but for communities and destinations everywhere.”