stainless steel feeding bottle- maximaworld

BOTTLE AND NIPPLE MATERIAL: 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel for your Baby's Health and Hygiene Benefits. Rust Free Bottle. 100% Food Grade Silicon Nipple, Medically Tested. Size is of 36 mm Diameter.
DESIGN: Small Neck Design. Leak Proof and Spill Proof Design.
FEATURES: Capacity of the bottle is 200 ml. Light Weight, Easy to Carry and Handle. Leak Proof Cap, No Mess, No Smell while using the Bottle. Spill Proof Screw Type Nipple Cap and Push type outer lid makes the bottle completely leak proof. Smooth Design with no sharp curves or edges keeping in mind Easy and Safe cleaning of the bottle. Bottle is of sleek design and is very convenient while handling.Buying Steel Milk Bottles Online is beneficial if you do not want any flavor from the previous drink to retain after wash.
CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Reduces sterilization work. Only Silicon Nipple needs to be sterilized. Bottle can be washed with soap and water, ready to use again.
NOTE: Please ensure Silicon Nipple is fixed properly to the Nipple Cap and the Cap is closed tightly to the bottle to avoid any leakage issues.