Smiley Face Football Fan Tee: Show Your Joy for the Game

Soccer ball Size 5, Machine Stitch TPU 3.5mm Fabric Used, Made by Synthetic Rubber with Winded Bladder, 32 Panel, Introducing the Smiley Soccer Ball Size 5, a source of joy on the field. Meticulously crafted from a 3.5mm machine-stitched TPU fabric, it ensures durability and reliable play. Crafted from premium synthetic rubber, its wound bladder guarantees optimal shape retention and bounce, enhancing gameplay.

With a 32-panel design, enjoy accurate flight and excellent control. The Smiley Soccer Ball embodies positivity, precision, and a touch of fun. Whether for practice or matches, this ball adds a cheerful flair to the game. Dominate the field with the contagious spirit of the Smiley Soccer Ball, leaving opponents and teammates alike with a smile.