U.S. HOTELS ADDED 700 jobs to their payrolls in June, according to the latest government data, but the nationwide workforce shortage continues to make it
difficult for hotels to fill open positions, according to the American Hotel and Lodging Association. Total hotel employment stands at about 1.92 million,
according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is more than 196,000 fewer workers than in February 2020, reflecting a scarcity of available employees.

Bureau of Labor Statistics also revised down the total number of hotel jobs in the country, which eliminated job gains for the industry that were reported in
prior months, AHLA said in a statement.

“Halfway through 2024, the hotel industry is behind where it needs to be when it comes to hiring staff, despite near-record high wages and expanding workplace
benefits and flexibility,” said Kevin Carey, AHLA’s interim president and CEO. “The reason is the nationwide workforce shortage, which is preventing hoteliers
from meeting their full potential as demand for travel remains strong. Both Congress and the administration can provide relief to our members, many of whom are
small business owners, and AHLA will continue to call for action to expand the pool of available workers.”