PSNC chief Janet Morrison to PB Conference 2023: Ministers want to go beyond the Scotland model

Chief executive of the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee Janet Morrison has said government ministers are looking at the future of community
pharmacy in England in a “bigger way” and have a vision to go “beyond the Scotland model”.

“I think they believe they’re going beyond the Scotland model,” she said, in her closing keynote at the 7th Annual Pharmacy Business Conference held in London on
Sunday (May 14).

Giving her views on the latest government funding — worth £645 million — for community pharmacy, the head of pharmacy negotiator, added: “Their thinking is for the
future in a bigger and a more forward-thinking way.”

She added it was for the first time that community pharmacy has been seen “as part of primary care in a really fundamental way that gives us hope for the future”.

Morrison said the new funding uplift was effectively “for five quarters of activity,” arguing that the common condition service won’t start before December or early
in the New Year due to the time it would take to get the IT systems up and running to support the rollout.