Process confirmation Lean and Digital Kamishibai Boards for Process Confirmation

Process Confirmation in Lean: Process confirmation is a crucial aspect of lean manufacturing that focuses on verifying whether standardised work processes are currently being executed correctly and consistently. It is part of the continuous improvement philosophy of lean, aiming to identify variations, defects, or inefficiencies in processes and take corrective actions promptly.
Process confirmation involves regular audits where supervisors or team members observe and assess the execution of tasks according to established standards. Any deviations from the norm are noted, and root causes are investigated to prevent recurrence. This practice promotes accountability, adherence to best practices, and a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation.
Digital Kamishibai Boards for Process Confirmation: Digital Kamishibai Boards are a modern and tech-enabled adaptation of the traditional Kamishibai technique for process confirmation. Kamishibai cards are used to guide audits and ensure process adherence. In the digital context, these cards are presented on a digital platform, often as a software application.
Here's how Digital Kamishibai Boards work for process confirmation:
Card Creation: Standardised work procedures are represented by digital cards, each outlining specific tasks, criteria, and audit points.
Audit Scheduling: The digital platform schedules audits at regular intervals. Auditors receive notifications for upcoming audits.
Audit Execution: Auditors use the digital cards to guide them through the process, verifying each step against the established standards.
Reporting and Analytics: The digital platform records audit results, highlighting deviations and trends over time. This data supports data-driven decision-making.
Action Tracking: When deviations are identified, corrective actions are assigned and tracked digitally to ensure resolution.