Pharmacy First service: Two Numark members share their experiences

The nationwide implementation of the Pharmacy First service is viewed as a significant development that benefits pharmacies, primary care, and the broader
National Health Service (NHS). Pharmacy teams are striving to ensure its success despite challenges within the industry landscape. However, not all pharmacists
are able to reap the benefits from it.

Recently, two members of Numark shared their experiences of how the scheme is impacting their pharmacies.

Graham Phillips, who owns Letchworth Pharmacy in Hertfordshire, revealed that patients are responding favourably to the service. “It’s all good, people are just
delighted to have easier access to care,” he said.

In its first month, Letchworth Pharmacy provided around 100 consultations, and Phillips envisions that as the service matures, they will be able to conduct an
average of 200 interventions per week.

“That will make it financially viable for us and mean that we’re acting at scale from an NHS perspective. That’s 200 GP appointments we’ve freed up in a
week – that’s a huge capability and capacity bump for the NHS,” he added.

Graham credits part of his success with Pharmacy First to the strong relationship he has established with local GPs in his area.