Node.js vs Java: Which one to choose in 2023?

"Let’s begin to learn about both Node and Java to have a sought of conclusion to a decade old matter of Node.js vs Java:

Node.js is a JS library that develops runtime apps that mostly provide real-time notifications. Initially, Node.js was written by Dahl Rayn with the use of JS. Its main use was to utilise JavaScript outside the browser. Later, Joyent managed Node.js. Now, this framework can develop both backend and frontend mobile apps.

Java was created at the Sun Microsystems and developed by James Gosling and Oracle took it over. It is an OOP language whose syntax is mostly taken from C++ and the concepts also remain the same. With the feature of JDK (Java Development Kit) the Java code becomes portable. It’ WORA that is write once and run anywhere.

These are the main benefits of both languages. Hence, one can decide which one to choose depending upon the basic requirements of their app."