NHS dental recovery plan: All you need to know

The UK government on Wednesday (7 February) announced a new plan to ensure faster, simpler and fairer access to NHS dental care across England.

Supported by £200m of funding, the plan aims to deliver more than 1.5 million additional NHS dentistry treatments or up to 2.5 million NHS dental appointments
for patients over the next 12 months

NHS dentists will be offered a ‘new patient’ payment of between £15-£50, depending on treatment need, to treat new patients who have not seen a dentist in two
years or more.

Additionally, one-off payments of up to £20,000 will be given to around 240 dentists for working in under-served areas for up to three years.

This is to “attract new NHS dentists and improve access to dental care in areas with the highest demand,” NHS England said in a statement released on Wednesday.