Medicine supply problems ‘a daily occurrence in pharmacies across England’

A report released by Community Pharmacy England (CPE) has warned that pharmacies across England are grappling with daily medicine supply challenges, posing
significant risks to patients’ health.

The Pharmacy Pressures Survey 2024: Medicines Supply Report, which is based on the views of the owners of over 6,100 pharmacy premises in England and 2,000 pharmacy
team members, has exposed some alarming trends concerning medicine supply problems in the country.

Almost all pharmacy team members surveyed (97 per cent) reported patients being inconvenienced due to medicine supply issues, and 79 per cent of the participants
said that the worsening situation is putting patient health at risk.

Nearly all respondents reported patient frustration stemming from medicine supply issues, with 84 per cent of them saying they had experienced aggression from

Additionally, 98 per cent indicated an increase in ‘owings,’ where patients receive only part of their prescription and must return to the pharmacy for the
remaining medication(s) at a later time.”