Jeremy Meader replaces Anup Sodha as Bestway Healthcare Chief Wholesale Officer

Bestway Healthcare has appointed Jeremy Meader as its new chief wholesale officer, following the retirement of Anup Sodha.

Meader would join the company in mid-November but is expected to officially assume his responsibilities from January 2, 2024.

He will lead Lexon, Bestway Medhub, Wardle’s, Knights Fragrances, PI & Specials manufacturing and the wholesale supply chain.

Sodha, who co-founded the business 25 years ago, will continue to lead the company’s wholesale business unit until 31 December 2023.

Commenting on his retirement, Sodhi said: “I am proud of what we achieved at Lexon, it has been a team effort and I am grateful to everyone who has helped as
we built a strong wholesale business.