How to Choose A PV Power Generation System On Water?

How to choose a water photovoltaic power generation system?

Topper is a professional supplier for global customers with a high-quality floating solar PV mounting system. Our system adopts the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material of floating body design. This material has the characteristics of corrosion and environmental protection. It has very good UV radiation and ageing resistance, to ensure that the service life of 25 years and durability.

The floating system includes the main floating body for mounting panels, maintenance channels, connectors such as pins, nuts, and pressure blocks, as well as the anchoring system. Modular design, flexible assembly, easy to install, save construction time.

Topper can provide anchorage solutions tailored to the needs of its customer. We consider that different construction conditions and floating projects require different anchorage methods. Based on specific water conditions, Topper's engineering team takes into account every detail of the construction of the floating power plant to provide the customer with the overall system layout solution. In addition, through Topper's internal simulation system, the layout design is simulated and tested in order to ensure the feasibility of the solution.

Floating photovoltaic power station

Topper has its own independent production plant and warehouse. Topper is able to respond quickly to customer needs by working closely with upstream suppliers for a long time. In addition, the modular design of the floating body can reduce transportation space, thus saving transportation costs. So far, Topper's MRac floating system has passed a series of professional tests and tests, including but not limited to TUV raw material test, TUV UV resistance test, TUV wind tunnel test, drinking water test, mounting structure test, SGS flame retardant test, etc., and has obtained a series of authoritative certifications, such as ISO 9001:2015.