Global First: NHSE unveils ‘Artificial Pancreas’ for type 1 Diabetes patients across England

The National Health Services England (NHSE) is poised to revolutionise diabetes management with the introduction of the ‘artificial pancreas’, also known
as the Hybrid Closed Loop system, to treat type 1 diabetes. This pioneering initiative, endorsed by the National Institute of Health Care and Excellence (NICE),
represents a global first in healthcare innovation.

With 269,095 individuals grappling with type 1 diabetes in England, the Hybrid Closed Loop system is set to cater to tens of thousands of children and adults across
the nation.

This cutting-edge device operates by seamlessly monitoring blood glucose levels and autonomously adjusting insulin dosage through a pump, by eliminating the need
for regular insulin injections.

Furthermore, it holds the promise of averting life-threatening hypoglycaemic and hyperglycaemia episodes, mitigating significant risks associated with the condition.

To facilitate the identification of beneficiaries, NHSE has allocated a substantial sum of £2.5 million, ensuring that those who could benefit from this innovative
solution receive the necessary support.