Fixing the NHS front door: Daisy Cooper calls for increased pharmacy investment

“We need to fix the front door to our NHS by investing in community pharmacy,” asserts Daisy Cooper as more and more pharmacies “worry about the future of
their business.”

Reflecting on the challenges faced by pharmacists during the pandemic, she emphasised their pivotal role in launching vaccination schemes across communities and
the larger role pharmacies play in complementing traditional NHS facilities.

Cooper recalls her collaboration with local pharmacies in St. Albans, where she worked hand in glove with them to address challenges faced by pharmacists to obtain
information from NHS England regarding protocols and procedures.

She told Pharmacy Business reporter that she had to work out something “hand in glove to help them get those vaccinated schemes up and running, as pharmacies were
desperate to take part in the vaccination scheme” in her constituency.

Describing their unique selling point (USP), Cooper emphasised the convenience and immediacy of pharmacies located in high street areas and warned that pharmacy
closures “should be a real wake up call for the government.”