Doctors at SLG Hospitals Save Life Of 10 Year Old Boy

SLG Hospitals: Where Miracles Happen! Our dedicated doctors have once again showcased their unwavering commitment to saving lives. Meet Lohith, a brave 10-year-old who overcame the odds after an unfortunate fall from the sixth floor. Rushed to SLG Hospitals on June 1, Lohith arrived in an unconscious state, battling life-threatening injuries. Fractures, brain clots, low hemoglobin – a dire situation. But under the expert care of Dr. Ranganadham, Senior Neurosurgeon, and a team of exceptional doctors, Lohith's journey to recovery began. Blood transfusions, emergency surgery, and relentless effort led to a triumphant outcome. Today, Lohith's eyes are open, and his spirit stronger than ever. This is the essence of SLG Hospitals – where hope is restored, and lives are transformed. Trusted, revered, and honored as the Best Multispeciality Hospital in Hyderabad, SLG Hospitals stands as a beacon of medical excellence, dedicated to saving lives and rewriting stories.