Buy the Best Waterproof Car Body Covers Online – Razr India

Protect your car from rain and dirt with our high-quality waterproof car body covers. Shop online at Razr India for the best selection and deals.
This is a made-to-order, customized body cover for every car, as per your car’s dimensions and size. They are a 100% perfect fit for all. They come with all-around elastic so that they fit properly. Also, it will have a side mirror and antenna pockets.
This body cover has a soft Turkish material as the inner layer, so it doesn’t leave any scratches when you put it in and remove it.
It is 100% hydrophobic in nature, which means the water will simply slip off the cover just like dust on any surface, which makes it 100% water proof.
The body cover can be customized to any color, and we can also get any print done on this cover, like your firm's name, your personal name, or any caption you need.