Boots supports community pharmacists become Mental Health First Aiders

Pharmacists, who are working on the frontline of healthcare, can play an important role in raising awareness about mental health and helping those
experiencing poor mental health.

With this belief, the Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) is encouraging its representatives at Boots to participate in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
training offered by the company.

Nicola Rees, PDA Rep and Boots pharmacist from Solihull, who has recently undertaken training as a Mental Health First Aider, said that trained pharmacists
can help in reducing the stigma associated with mental health and identifying the early warning signs that someone may be experiencing poor mental health.

Mental Health First Aid training enables pharmacists to “support individuals and signpost to sources of advice and support.”

Rees expressed that becoming a mental health first aider has empowered her and greatly increased her confidence in being able to support someone dealing with
a mental health issue, such as having thoughts of suicide or self-harm.