Best Sugar Stocks in India 2023

The Indian Government’s push for green energy and reducing the import bill incurred on Crude oil, has promoted the use of hybrid and flex-fuel vehicles in the country. This has led to higher requirements for ethanol. Ethanol, which is derived from Sugarcane, has brought focus on the best sugar stocks in India in 2023. The Government has set a target for 20% ethanol blending in fuel, leading to more diversion of sugarcane for this purpose rather than simply for sugar production. Companies that operate in the sugar industry are gaining more traction as the Government takes special measures to promote higher production of ethanol. The sugar export quota by the Government was increased to 60 lakh metric tonnes (LMT) for the sugar season 2022-2023. Out of this quota, nearly 55 lakh tons of contracts for Sugar export have already been entered into so far till January 2023. This is a significant source of foreign currency in the country, helping to narrow the Current Account Deficit. Thus the Indian Government is encouraging these sugar exports. Read More: