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Best DevOps Consulting in Toronto

If you are an IT developer, DevOps is something you abide by. It is like a Poseidon’s Trident. But if you belong to a non-IT sector and are keen to... Read More

Challenges of DevOps Implementation – how to solve them

Nowadays, major companies are trying to implement DevOps strategies for their companies. Which is a positive thing. DevOps makes your applications faster and more efficient. However, companies lack the proper... Read More

The open-source Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool Terraform, created by HashiCorp, enables DevOps developers to programmatically provision the physical resources needed for an application to execute. In addition to codifying... Read More

What is DevOps? – VAST ITES INC.

DevOps is a partnership between IT Operations and Development that enables automated and repeatable software development and deployment. The firm can provide software applications and services more quickly... Read More