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Body section: This is the stage where all the action happens! It contains the visible elements that users will interact with. Here’s what we see on the stage: App container: This div... Read More

Body section: <body>: This section contains the content displayed on the webpage. <div class=”container”>: This div element is the container for the entire game. It likely has styles applied in the style.css... Read More

Body Section (<body>): Container (<div class=”container”>): Creates a container element to group and organize the content. This element likely has styles applied from “style.css” to control its positioning or layout. Wrapper (<div... Read More

Stopwatch Functionality (watch.js assumed): Inside the container div, another div with the class wrapper holds the stopwatch elements. A div with the class time displays the stopwatch time. It uses multiple span... Read More

Structure (HTML): Similar to the calculator example, it defines the basic structure of an HTML document. The title is set to “QR Code Generator”. The body section contains the main content. Inside the body,... Read More

Structure (HTML): The code starts with the basic structure of an HTML document. It defines the document type (DOCTYPE), language (lang=”en”), and title (<title>Calculator</title>). The body section contains the main content of the... Read More

Body Section: <div class=”container”>: This creates a main container element likely styled using the “container” class in the external CSS file. <div class=”wrapper”>: This creates another container element likely styled using the... Read More

What is JavaScript JavaScript (often abbreviated as JS) is a high-level, interpreted programming language along with HTML and CSS, and is considered a center era of the World Wide Web. JS... Read More

What is HTML HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It’s the foundation for creating web pages and is considered a core technology of the World Wide Web, along with CSS and... Read More