100-Hours Yoga TTC in Rishikesh

For individuals who are a little pressed for time and would prefer to finish their 200-hour yoga teacher training course in two parts, the 100-hour yoga teacher training offered in Rishikesh is an excellent option. Yoga Alliance USA certified, the Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center's 100-hour yoga teacher training program in India is appropriate for beginning and intermediate yoga practitioners.

The first part of our 200-hour yoga teacher training course syllabus is covered in this 14-day pre-YTTC course. Students can return at any time within 24 months of completing the 100-hour yoga teacher training course to finish the second component and earn their certification in yoga.
Our 100-hour yoga TTC course is specifically designed to teach you the fundamentals of traditional yoga practices and heal your body at the same time.

You can improve your flexibility and yoga skills by eating meals that are 100% organic and Sattvic at the school. Our daily schedule is set up so that even after you leave our schools, you can continue to practice yoga and meditation.